Will Airlines Charge People By Weight?

Everyone is trying to cope with the current fuel prices. Anyone who owns a vehicle has felt the pinch of the increased fuel costs.

Although consumers have been affected by gas prices, so have many business. Numerous airlines have been trying to cut costs to make up for the skyrocketing fuel prices.

American Airlines recently announced their new fee of $15 for each bag of luggage brought on their flights. Continental laid off 3,000 employees. But the most recent proposal has stunned us all.

Many airlines are thinking of charging each passenger by their weight, calling it an act of equality because you pay individually for the fuel you consume.

Just imagine weighing your bags at the ticket counter and then stepping on the scale yourself.

Most travelers are outraged, asking what will be next. Why not charging people for being ugly, or having glasses? Maybe we could just outlaw overweight people all together.

It is hard to believe that this will become a reality, especially when the law suit threats are already pilling up.


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