Europe a Wide Open Place for Tourists

If you are wondering where you want to take your August vacation this year and you haven’t been to Europe yet you really should consider going. Europe is wide open and much safer than the media would have you believe. As a matter of fact, most European countries are going out of their way to attract American tourist dollars. Tourist bureaus have incentive packages available and hotels and travel agencies are offering some of the lowest rates ever for lodging and airfare.

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Obama European Vacation a Blueprint for Family Education and Fun


Michelle Obama is taking a lot of flack these days about the cost of her European vacation to the American taxpayers but the trip itself was an educational experience for young Sasha (8) and Malia (11) that any parent would gladly take the heat for. For those of you planning a European tour soon here are some of the highlights of the Obama’s visit to both France and England.

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Rising Hotel Vacancies Mean More Affordable Travel


According to a recent article in Buffalo’s “Business First” newspaper, hotel occupancy for Niagara Falls resorts is down almost fourteen percent this year, leaving a vacancy rate of nearly forty-five percent. Nationally its even worse. The overall hotel vacancy rate in the United States currently stands at forty-seven percent. Overseas, for those looking to book a European vacation or tour, hotel vacancy rates are also high, particularly with many Americans staying close to home and taking their vacations in the United States. 

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5 Places to See If You’ve Never Been on a Western European Tour

Touring Europe is now far more pleasant and safer than it has been in years past. The continent has brought down its walls and opened its doors to tourists from all over the world who want to see the wonders of the regions where civilization first thrived and grew. Opulent palaces and massive monuments commemorating bloody battles and majestic emperors are scattered throughout the land amidst modern marvels where visitors can see the wonders of 21st Century technology.