Renovations of the Grand Canyon Increase Ease for Travelers!

With the South Rim region of the Grand Canyon being the most popular, park officials have made several improvements to increase the ease for those visiting the park.  Travelers will be able to enjoy 600 new parking spaces, 40 new spots for commercial tour buses, and increased accessibility to the Visitor Center.  However, these are not the only adjustments being made to benefit those touring the Grand Canyon.  Slated to be completed by the end of 2010 are the following improvements:

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Tours4Fun’s Top 10 Vacation Tours in February

February has a lot more going for it than just Valentine’s Day. February is also National Black History Month, Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month and Grapefruit Month.  There are plenty of things to celebrate, things to do and places to see before summer. So it’s time to get off that couch and relieve the cabin fever. It’s time to travel! Whatever your travel plans are for the month of February, one thing is certain: You’ll still be able to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day from wherever you are!  😉